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Dcoder is a comprehensive mobile coding platform and IDE that includes a compiler for mobile devices. With Dcoder, users can program, run, and learn algorithms directly from their mobile device. The app allows for building and deploying projects on the go, integrating with Git services like Github and Bitbucket, and syncing with VS Code. Code compilations make it easy to write and run code, so users can code anytime and anywhere.
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Dec 12, 2022
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Dcoder is a mobile platform and coding IDE that acts as a compiler for mobile devices. It allows users to run projects, code, and learn algorithms by programming on their mobile devices. Dcoder lets you build and deploy projects directly from your mobile and integrates with Git, including Github and Bitbucket. With the use of code compilations, coding is made easy, and it allows you to code anytime, anywhere, and on the go.

Dcoder provides a range of frameworks and languages to choose from. Users can select from various frameworks such as React JS, Angular JS, Django, Flask, Flutter, Git support, and Ruby on Rails. The available languages include C, C++, Java, Python, C#, PHP, Objective-C, Ruby, Lua, JS/NodeJS, Go, VB.Net, F#, Common Lisp, R, Scala, Perl, Pascal, Swift, Tcl, Prolog, Assembly, Haskell, Clojure, Kotlin, Groovy, Scheme, Rust, Bf, HTML, CSS, and more.

Dcoder uses a Rich Text Editor that supports syntax highlighting and includes all the necessary tools to offer users an IDE or code compiler edge. It is the fastest code compiler, coding, and programming app currently available for Android devices.

Dcoder allows users to write a program in any of the 50+ programming languages and frameworks available. It also allows users to code and debug the code, see compilation results and errors on the same screen, and test their problem-solving skills by solving algorithm-based challenges in the Challenges section. Users can learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ruby programming, C Programming, Python, and Java in the app, among many other programming languages.

Dcoder is designed to improve coding skills and make programmers industry-ready. It includes a rich text editor with syntax highlighting, line number, auto-indent, autocomplete parenthesis, undo redo, file open/save, custom suggestion view, multiple language support, user input for languages, active debug view for faster access to output, thoroughly designed algorithm problems, and a leaderboard.

Dcoder uses cloud-based compilers to compile the code and display the output, making it the fastest compiler. The app is only 8 MB in size, and offline features are not available. Instead of rating the app low, users can write their problems to support@dcoder.tech to get better help. Dcoder is an online compiler, allowing users to run, compile, and execute their code snippets on their own Android mobile devices.

What's new

- Reduced ads and Ads are now less intrusive like before.
- Bringing back ads free plan
- Faster project opens
- Added feature to gift a subscription.
- Cleaned up UI.
- More Crashes fixed, memory leaks fixed.