Hide in The Backroom: Noclip


You will find yourself trapped in an endless maze of monotonous yellow backrooms, accompanied by the unsettling hum of fluorescent lights. As you navigate through confusing and empty corridors, the eerie atmosphere is sure to give you chills. Get ready for a spine-chilling experience!
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Ararat Games
Apr 18, 2023
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Are you a fan of horror games and love getting scared in creepy back rooms and mazes with noclip mechanics? Then you won’t want to miss out on the ultimate horror adventure with Hide in The Backroom! Immerse yourself in an endless mono-yellow backroom, with the horrific background noise of fluorescent lights, and endless meters of confusing empty backrooms that you’ll be trapped in. The creepy vibes are guaranteed to keep you on edge!

You find yourself trapped in a mysterious backroom and your goal is to escape before it’s too late. The back rooms are full of spooky and frightening surprises with nextbots that will test your wit and courage. You can either try to escape the backrooms while the monsters and nextbots are chasing you or hunt for lost souls yourself!


– Lots of back rooms: There’s always a new backroom waiting for you just around the corner!

– Two game modes: Play as a hunter or a fugitive. If you’re a fugitive and hear something wandering around, run as fast as you can because it sure as hell it smelled you! If you’re a hunter, track down prey on the paths and attack from around the corner!

– The atmosphere of horror: Time freezes inside the backroom, with bare yellow walls, monotony, strange noises, and scary monsters!

– Superpowers: Swing the power and collect new abilities! With them, you can walk through walls as a noclip game, run fast, and become invisible!

– Creepy monsters: Encounter Siren Head, Obunga, and other nextbots and anomalous entities!

Hide in The Backroom is a free mobile game with noclip mechanics, in the best traditions of backroom games. Play now and see if you can survive the horrors lurking inside!