Hungry Shark Evolution


Welcome to Hungry Shark Evolution, the ultimate shark evolution survival game that takes you on an action-packed adventure through the ocean with a plethora of fish to feast on. Are you ready to become a ferocious predator in this free offline mobile game?
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Ubisoft Entertainment
Apr 11, 2023
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Welcome to Hungry Shark Evolution, the ultimate survival game where you play as a shark and rule the ocean by hunting and consuming everything in your path. This free, offline mobile game is the official game for Shark Week and offers action-packed gameplay with an abundance of fish to feast on. Are you ready to take on the challenge and evolve into the most fearsome predator in the sea?

In this shark game, you will take control of a hungry shark with powerful jaws and survive as long as possible by feeding and growing. Dive into the underwater world and evolve into different species, such as the Great White and Megalodon, and even a shark merged with a T-Rex! In this shark simulator, it’s all about becoming the greatest predator by feeding on various creatures such as fish, whales, and birds.

As you evolve, you can merge different types of sharks together and even recruit baby sharks to help you on your journey. Equip your shark with cool accessories such as lasers, jetpacks, and top hats to boost your predatory powers. This shark evolution simulator game also offers regular in-game events where you can win limited prizes and bonuses.

With intuitive touch or tilt controls, this shark attack game is easy to play, and you can enjoy it offline, without the need for Wi-Fi. If you love free offline games and shark attacks, then this shark simulator game is perfect for you.

Please note that this game contains In-App Purchases to buy Gem and Coin currency for upgrades, but you can also earn them in the game without purchasing anything. The game is playable without Wi-Fi, and the ad is disabled after making a purchase. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, or contact us for support or feedback. Start playing and become the evolution legend in the shark world!

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