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The frustration with typical dating apps and a desire to replicate the experience of real-life relationships led to the creation of Iris Dating by its founder.
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Apr 19, 2023
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The creators of Iris Dating understand the feeling of believing that true love is out of reach and that the relationship one deserves is unattainable. They have personally experienced disappointment with typical online dating apps, wondering if endless swiping can ever lead to a relationship based on mutual attraction.

The team at Iris Dating believes that it is wrong for most dating apps to make meeting someone feel like a roll of the dice.

The founder of Iris Dating was frustrated with typical dating apps and desired to create an experience that is closer to how special relationships begin in real life. The app applies artificial intelligence to understand users’ preferences and present them with matches of people they are attracted to, who are also attracted to them.

The Iris Dating team has put over 100,000 hours into understanding what drives attraction between two people, helping thousands overcome the shortcomings of online dating and build successful relationships based on mutual attraction. The process is simple: download the Iris Dating app, teach the AI engine one’s preferences, and see matches based on mutual attraction.

The app offers an integrated ChatGPT assistant to help users build attention-grabbing bios and unleash their personalities, making dating profiles more personalized and exciting. Iris Dating is committed to helping users find someone they share genuine attraction with, so they can stop feeling like they have to settle in a relationship.

The app has received positive feedback from its users, who have found success in meeting potential partners through Iris Dating. The app is free to download and use and requires users to be at least 18 years old. Users can view Iris Dating’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policy on the app’s website.

Iris Dating’s mission is to help people find love and build successful relationships based on mutual attraction, providing a unique and user-friendly dating experience. The app’s website also offers dating and relationship tips for users to follow.

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