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Prepare yourself for an innovative, distinctive, and demanding Mahjong solitaire experience. Mahjong Club's objective is to eliminate identical tiles by matching them. When all the tiles have been removed, you have solved the Mahjong puzzle! Are you up for the challenge of completing all 5000+ levels?
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Jun 6, 2023
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Prepare for a brand new, one-of-a-kind, and demanding Mahjong solitaire game. The objective in Mahjong Club is to match tiles that are identical and eliminate them from the board. Once all tiles have been removed, you have successfully solved the Mahjong puzzle! Can you conquer over 5000 levels?

⭐ More than 5,000 board configurations are available for free.
⭐ Stunning landscapes as backgrounds.
⭐ Auto-fit.
⭐ Choose your own score system:
– No timer, no pressure.
– Mahjong combi points.
– Stars & time.
– No score system.
⭐ Personal statistics and high scores.
⭐ Turn sounds on or off.
⭐ Play offline if you prefer.
⭐ Join a club, play with others, and chat together.
⭐ Simple and easy-to-use controls.

Here’s how you can play Mahjong Club:
► Random pairs of tiles are dealt on the Mahjong board. The maximum number of tiles is 144.
► Your task is to find matching pairs and eliminate them.
► A matching pair will be removed from the Mahjong board.
► Once you remove all tiles from the board, the level is complete.
► You will unlock the next level once you have completed a level.
► If you’re having trouble completing a Mahjong puzzle, use a booster.
► For the best experience, ensure that you’re online. You can also play offline!

Can you conquer all the levels in Mahjong Club? Play for free and unwind!

Contact & More Info:
Many more cool features will be added to Mahjong Club in the following months. Let us know what you’d like to see in the game!

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What's new

Hello Mahjong enthusiasts! We have made some updates to the game to improve its stability and increase the challenge. These updates include:

A new method to acquire Lightning Bolts for free during weekend tournaments
The "Pause" button has been eliminated from the game if you're not using the "Stars & Time" score system
Facebook Login is no longer an option, so please ensure that you secure your account using Google Login.