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Experience a new kind of dating with our inclusive app for open-minded individuals. Say goodbye to suffocating gender-age-sexuality-body type filters and embrace a gamified approach to getting to know others based on their unique personalities.
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Dec 16, 2022
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XOXO, the game-dating app that’s both inclusive and personality-based.

Say goodbye to restrictive filters based on gender, age, sexuality, and body type, and embrace a gamified experience of getting to know others through their unique personalities.

More than just a dating app, XOXO is a social network and game that aims to connect you with people you might not have considered before. Take a quiz to discover new things about yourself and create a cute virtual totem that represents your personality type. Join personality-based group chats to meet people who share similar temperaments and interests.

With no filters, age lines, or reject buttons, XOXO encourages a positive and accepting atmosphere for all users. Complete individual tasks, earn XP gains, and collect badges to familiarise yourself with the community and environment.

At XOXO, we believe that finding love and building relationships should be about connecting with people on a deeper level. Download our app today and join our community of open-minded individuals who celebrate diversity and individuality.

Read our Privacy Policy at https://www.xoxo-app.com/pp.html and our Terms of Use at https://www.xoxo-app.com/terms.html.

What's new

Hey there, sweeties, how are you? Hope, y’all are doing well during these cold days! We don’t have much to tell you, besides some bug fixes that will make your experience with XOXO better. So it’s better you tell us what news do you have? How are spending your time? What movies you can’t wait to watch these months? Tell this all in a groupchat to those you know for a while and to newcomers, who've just entered with the new update. Take care of yourself and stay tuned. XOXO!