AudioStretch: Music Pitch Tool


The AudioStretch app, which has won multiple awards, allows you to manipulate audio files in two ways: you can alter their speed without altering the pitch, or modify their pitch without altering the speed. Additionally, the app's LiveScrub™ feature enables you to play the audio while dragging the waveform, making it possible to listen to each note individually.
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Mar 21, 2023
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AudioStretch: Music Pitch Tool If you’re a musician or a beginner learning music, the ability to slow down, loop, or change the pitch of a piece you’re trying to learn can be incredibly helpful.

The award-winning AudioStretch app offers these features and more, allowing you to adjust the speed of an audio file without altering its pitch or adjust the pitch without changing the speed. With the LiveScrub™ feature, you can even listen to the audio as you drag the waveform note-by-note.

AudioStretch is user-friendly and responsive, making it ideal for a range of applications, from transcription and learning songs by ear to sonic experimentation and listening to your music library in a new way. Its features include real-time pitch shifting by up to 36 semitones, fine-tuning to 1-cent resolution, and real-time speed adjustment up to 10x normal speed. You can also import audio files from your music library or cloud storage, export adjusted files, and capture audio with your phone’s default recorder.

AudioStretch also includes markers, A-B loop, and no annoying ads. Note that the Android version does not support video playback. If you encounter any issues with AudioStretch or AudioStretch Lite, reach out to for assistance.

What's new

Unlocked versions of the app now correctly work offline and do not require unlock
Fixed crashes related to Video playback