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Challenge and enhance your cognitive abilities with a daily brain training regimen that offers over 25 captivating games. Engage in stimulating exercises designed to boost essential skills like memory, concentration, coordination, visual perception, and logical reasoning. Take your cognitive capabilities to new heights as you immerse yourself in this comprehensive collection of brain-training activities.
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May 3, 2023
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Elevate your cognitive skills with Focus – Your Brain Training Companion!

Immerse yourself in a daily brain training experience that features a diverse collection of over 25 captivating games meticulously crafted to stimulate crucial abilities such as memory, concentration, coordination, visual perception, and logical reasoning.


Developed in collaboration with psychologists and neuroscience professionals, Focus offers a comprehensive selection of exercises and games designed to target and enhance each cognitive domain. You’ll find exercises inspired by those utilized by professionals in their consultations, ensuring an effective and engaging brain training experience. From memory-boosting exercises to games that sharpen visual acuity, Focus covers a wide range of cognitive areas.

Within the user-friendly main menu of Focus, you can easily navigate between different game categories, including:

– Memory
– Attention
– Coordination
– Reasoning
– Visual perception


Track your cognitive progress and witness your growth over time with the statistics section of Focus. Explore your cognitive evolution throughout the last week, month, or year, and delve into a cognitive summary that presents average scores from your daily workouts. Gain valuable insights into your brain training journey.

The comparison feature in Focus empowers you to visually compare your results with individuals of the same age and gender, offering a meaningful context for your achievements. Unlock your cognitive potential with Focus, the ultimate brain training app.


– Engage in daily brain workouts
– Enjoy a variety of fun and stimulating games
– Elevate your cognitive abilities
– Experience a simple and intuitive interface
– Monitor your progress and evolution over time
– Compare yourself with individuals of similar profiles
– Free to download with subscription options for access to specific content

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