Experience the joy of owning your own Peridot - lifelike creatures that look and feel incredibly real. With unique DNA, each Dot is a one-of-a-kind companion specially crafted just for you. Adopt your very own Peridot today!
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Niantic Inc.
May 4, 2023
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Peridot is an augmented reality pet simulation game that lets you bond with magical creatures known as Peridots or “Dots” that look and feel real.

With your Dot, you can fulfill your fantasy of having a magical companion that can fly, explore the world, and even have a secret love for turkey sandwiches. With the power of AR, you can see your Dot in the real world and play with them wherever you go. Plus, playing with friends is even better! You can meet up with your friends to breed your Dots and hatch new ones that are genetically unique, then share your adorable pictures and videos on social media.

But Peridot isn’t just about having fun with your magical companion. You can also help your Dot live their best life by playing fetch, teaching them tricks, and dressing them up in cute hats, mustaches, bowties, and more. You can also explore the world with your Dot and see things from their perspective, uncovering hidden items as you go.

As you progress through the game, you can unlock rare Peridot Archetypes and Traits, expanding your beloved family of Dots and climbing the ranks within the Peridot Keeper Society. And as you play, you’ll discover the rich narrative behind these creatures, learning about their mysterious ancient past and working to preserve the species for future generations.

Note that Peridot is optimized for high-end smartphones and requires access to your device’s camera while playing the game to interact with your Dot in the real world. It’s recommended to play while connected to a network for accurate location information.

What's new

Peridot globally launches May 9th!