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With Riff Studio, you can create a setlist of songs you want to practice and adjust their pitch and speed beforehand, allowing you to concentrate on playing your instrument or singing along without any distractions.
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brAzzi Labs
Jul 18, 2020
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Riff Studio, created by musicians for musicians, offers a convenient way to practice your favorite songs.

You can create a setlist of songs and set their pitch and speed in advance, allowing you to concentrate on playing or singing without distractions. The app also enables you to adjust song parameters in real-time, including pitch and speed, either separately or together. Pitch can be set in semitones, and speed as a percentage of the original speed.

With bookmarking and A-B looping functionality, you can repeat difficult sections until you get them right, or use the quick-jump feature to return to your last starting point seamlessly. Riff Studio allows you to save or export the adjusted songs to your device in MP3 format.

The app is particularly helpful for practicing songs that require alternative tunings or are initially too fast to play along. The user interface is clean and easy to navigate, with large touch targets that do not require fine motor skills, allowing you to focus on your instrument.

Riff Studio is continuously developed based on user feedback and feature suggestions, so please send your ideas to brazzilabs@gmail.com.

Features include pitch shifting, time stretching or BPM changing, high-quality time stretching and pitch shifting, A-B looping, saving or exporting adjusted songs, and instant playback with real-time audio speed and pitch adjustment. Note that the songs you want to practice must be stored on your device. The app is free with no restrictions on music speed control.

What's new

- New, professional quality audio engine: Rubber Band
- Bug fixes & performance improvements